CH (Chen Hao) is a California-based American painter, art theorist, and bilingual writer. He earned a Master’s degree in Art Studio from the University of South Carolina (founded in 1801) in the US. He created a unique fine art style and art theory called Postmodern-Narrationism (narrative faction). The subject matter of his artwork focuses on “narrating” the stories of the pressing issues facing mankind on the canvas or other artistic materials. Such as the Protection of World Heritage, Global Warming, and Haze Pollution, etc. This is his unique creative way to communicate with the viewers.

As a postmodern artist and litterateur, he has originally created many oil paintings, sketches, photographs, novels, poems, and other contemporary art and literary works. His works have been internationally exhibited, published, awarded, and collected (both private and public). His representative work “Saving the Great Wall” is held by the Liu Haisu Art Museum, a national museum of China. And his other two early representative works “Silent Night” and “July 4th” are collected by the China Art Museum (China Art Palace), which is one of the largest art museums in Asia.

Marquis Who’s Who (since 1899) in the US, which the world’s most authoritative biographical information publishing company has already included his achievement in “Who’s Who in the World” (31st-33rd editions) and “Who’s Who in America” (69th-70th editions). Also, his artworks were selected in the art book “Art and Art Market • Masters of the 21st Century” that was published by the MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Austria.

陳豪(CH)是加利福尼亞州的美國油畫家, 藝術理論家和雙語作家。他畢業於美國1801年建校的南卡羅來納大學並獲藝術工作室碩士學位。陳豪創立了一種被稱之為“後現代敘事派”的獨特藝術創作風格和理論。他目前的藝術創作主題是在畫布(或其他藝術材料上)“敘述”當今人類所面臨的迫切問題的故事。如世界遺產保護,全球氣候變暖和霧霾環境污染等。這是他所獨創的與觀者溝通的方式。


始於1899年全球最具權威的美國侯爵履歷信息出版社已將他的成就編入《世界名人錄》(第31‑33版)和《美國名人錄》(第69‑70版)。此外,他的作品還被入選在奧地利MAMAG現代藝術博物館出版的《藝術與藝術市場 • 21世紀的大師》畫冊中。